Science in America

An interesting video worth watching:

Couldn’t have said it better myself… It is our responsibility to educate ourselves on science, allowing us to make intelligent decisions on scientific issues.


Elijah’s Promise Walk Through

Here is some more information about Elijah’s Promise. This video will give you a brief walk through of their website and how you can volunteer and get involved with this incredible organization. Here is a link to the volunteer page and the donate.

Also! Check out the podcasts and screencast that my colleagues will be doing on Elijah’s Promise here: AlexTaylorMiao.

Click Here for Alex’s podcast!


Introducing guest posts!

Hey guys! It’s Ariel, I’m here to announce that for the next few weeks, I will be pairing up with Alex, Taylor, and Miao to publish a collaborative campaign. Since all of our sites address some form of education, we are going to post a couple of podcasts and/or videos providing all the information you need to know about Elijah’s Promise, an incredible organization whose mission is to fight hunger. Check out their website included in the link! WX Central will be publishing great guest posts from our partners. Stay tuned to WX Central,  Alex, Taylor, and Miao for updates on our campaign. Don’t forget to checkout Elijah’s Promise’s website to learn about all of their great projects.

**Storm Update**

Happy Spring!!!
The models have been pushing the coastal storm further off the coast. This won’t be a “blockbuster” storm. This will probably be more of a nuisance storm.
Further inland expect a coating-1in.
Central and Southwestern Jersey 1-3in.
Coastal NJ and Eastern Long Island 3-6in.
Twin forks of Long Island and Cape Cod could see 5-6in.
Coastal Maine and the Canadian Maritimes will see the most amounts of snow from this storm.
Timing: The flakes and/or some mixing will begin after dinner time (6-7PM). The snow will continue overnight but should clear out before the morning commute tomorrow morning. There could be some lingering snow showers tomorrow morning. Prepare for a slick commute tomorrow morning.
Tomorrow will have partly cloudy skies allowing for some melting. Highs will be in the upper 40s-low 50s.
Get ready for some 70° temps mid week!!!
Stay tuned for weather updates!

First Screencast!

Check out my first, latest, and greatest screencast!!!!

Making the actual screencast was pretty simple. Screen-O-Matic’s website is pretty simple to navigate. I was able to do the screencast in one take. I analyze two eportfolios. First by Sarah Faye Garcias who’s page is a little background of what she is interested in and what she is involved in. The second eportfolio is that of Glenn B. Foxson, a meteorologist from Pittsburg, Pa. On his page, Glenn gives weather forecasts for the Pittsburgh area.

Overall, the screencast went well. It’s an in-depth critical review of the two eportfolios. As a viewer, I think it’ll give them tips on how to make an eportfolio as professional looking as possible. It shows what things to look for when choosing a theme and format for an eportfolio. On Glenn’s page, I comment on how his color theme is a bit hard on the eyes.  viewers will learn to not use certain color combinations. On Sarah’s page, I discussed that overall her color scheme is good but I thought that the purple was a bit out of place. I failed to mention that the fact that there are two ways to scroll adds level of complexity to the page that could confuse some viewers. Also on Glenn’s page, there are a couple of broken links which is a BIG red flag on a website.

I hope this review will help my audience to either start screencasting, build a website, and also know what to do and not to do on their own websites.


Stay tuned for my latest weather forecast coming out this afternoon!